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Philippine Action Plan for Sustainable Consumption and Production (PAP4SCP)

  • Published on February 22, 2021
The Philippine Action Plan for Sustainable Consumption and Production (PAP4SCP) provides a blueprint for a more cohesive implementation of SCP in the country. The Action Plan aims to serve as the guiding framework to influence and steer sustainable practices and behavior across sectors and levels of government by implementing programmatic policy reforms and interventions over the short- (2021-2022), medium- (2022-2030), and long-term (2030-2040).
The PAP4SCP envisions having more Filipinos produce and consume green goods and services to accelerate the shift towards sustainable and climate-smart practices and lifestyles that will contribute to the country's long-term vision of a "matatag, maginhawa and panatag na buhay." To facilitate this, the Action Plan prioritizes actions that help internalize and integrate economic activities' social and environmental impacts into the market system. These actions include (a) valuation of the costs and benefits of production and consumption processes through natural capital accounting to determine ecological limits and possible negative externalities; and (b) promotion of efficient use and equitable allocation of natural resources through increased investment in the development of more innovative and green technologies and systems and greater adoption of such innovation/technologies, and establishing sustainable resource allocation and equitable sharing schemes for the use of natural resources. The PAP4SCP categorizes its priority actions into the following critical nodes: (a) policy and regulation; (b) research and development, innovation, and technology; (c) infrastructure; and (d) promotion and education.

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