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Philippine Action Plan for Sustainable Consumption and Production

  • Published on January 17, 2020
The PAP4SCP aims to guide the implementation of SCP in the country and contribute to the realization of our medium-term goals and long-term vision. Specifically, the action plan is expected to: - guide and facilitate the implementation of SCP across sectors; lay down the priority strategies and activities, including key reforms and innovations to support and advance SCP implementation in the country; and - identify means of implementation (e.g. resource mobilization, M&E, system capacities, technology, partnership) to cohesively and effectively implement programs/interventions, such as in the areas of: - sustainable business and lifestyles; - resource conservation and efficiency; - waste and chemicals management, among others
The Action Plan envisions improved living conditions of current and future generations of Filipinos towards strongly rooted, comfortable, and secure life (long-term vision of the Philippines). To get to this vision, the Goal of the Plan is to have more Filipinos produce and consume green goods and services to accelerate the shift towards sustainable and climate-smart practices and lifestyles. This emphasizes the need for behavioral change to accelerate the shift towards more sustainable practices (households and firms) and lifestyles (individuals). To support this goal, the Plan sets the following overarching outcome, suboutcomes, and intermediate outcomes: Outcome: Social and environmental impacts of economic activities in market system internalized and integrated - Sub-outcome 1: Economic, social, and environmental costs and benefits of production and consumption processes valued o Intermediate Outcome 1.1 intends to institutionalize natural capital accounting o Intermediate Outcome 1.2 aims to determine ecological limits and negative externalities of economic activitie - Sub-outcome 2: Natural resources efficiently used and equitably allocated o Intermediate outcome 2.1 aims to increase innovation and investment in green technologies and systems o Intermediate outcome 2.2 intends to establish sustainable resource allocation and equitable sharing schemes Each of the intermediate outcome includes specific actions categorized into (a) Policy and regulation; (b) Research and Development, Innovation, and Technology; (c) Infrastructure; and (d) Promotion and Education. The actions are programmed over the short (2020-2022), medium (2022-2030), and longterm (2030-2040). The Plan is also supported with an M&E framework to track progress of its implementation.

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