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Palestine - Sustainable Consumption and Production National Action Plan (SCP-NAP)

  • Published on January 24, 2017
The Sustainable Consumption and Production National Action Plan (SCP-NAP) for Palestine is one of the main outputs of the SwitchMed program that had been executed in the Mediterranean region with UN Environment support. SCP is one of the concepts being implemented in Palestine and this NAP draws a roadmap mainstreaming the concept in three relevant sectors: Tourism, Housing and Construction, Agriculture and Food.
The development of the SCP-NAP is the first step in long way of targeting the SCP concept and the implementation of this NAP needs a lot of efforts, financial resources, coordination and cooperation, and continuous monitoring and evaluation. We hope that we will be able to implement this SCP-NAP and secure the needed funding either through local resources or through the international support which should push forward the support in achieving Sustainable Development. It is worth mentioning that Palestine is one of the countries in the international community who started the implementation of the SDGs and took the needed institutional and legal arrangements in this regard by establishing a national SDG team under the leadership and supervision of the Prime Minister’s Office. Palestine has further started the integration and merging of the SDGs into the national sectoral and cross sectoral strategies in the planning cycle of the period 2017-2022. This will be reviewed in the next planning cycle in order to implement more priority targets.

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