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National Public Procurement Strategy

  • Published on October 30, 2019

The contracting authorities and entities need to take greater responsibility for procuring more strategically and for using tax assets in the best possible way. The National Public Procurement Strategy is implemented by the contracting authorities and entities in Sweden.

 The purpose of the Government’s work on developing a National Public Procurement Strategy has been to make it possible for contracting authorities and entities in Sweden to develop their strategic work on public procurement. The strategy presents proposals for concrete actions that can be taken within the contracting authorities and entities. The actions proposed in the strategy are relevant regardless of the public sector activity concerned. With the procurement strategy, the Government wants to demonstrate the benefits that can be achieved through a strategic approach to purchasing. The Government also wishes to show in concrete terms how the approach to purchasing highlighted in the strategy can be achieved in each particular activity.

The objective for the policy area public procurement is that all public procurement shall be efficient, legally certain and take advantage of the competition in the market. It shall also promote innovative solutions and take environmental and social concerns into account.

 Strategic implementation of public procurement is an effective means of achieving this objective and at

the same time brings about several positive effects for the society. These include driving increased growth and employment together with sustainable development of environmental, social and ethical aspects. Contracting authorities and entities shall lead by example in the management of their resources. Sustainability criteria, including labour law and environmental criteria, shall be stipulated in public procurements, where justified. Stipulating criteria that promote environmental and social concerns makes a difference, and at the same time enables the public sector to deploy tax revenues in an effective way.

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