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The National Long Term Vision 2030 (Vision 2030) Republic of Zambia

  • Published on September 6, 2018
The National Long Term Vision 2030 (Vision 2030) is Zambia's first ever written long-term plan, expressing Zambians’ aspirations by the year 2030. It articulates possible long-term alternative development policy scenarios at different points which would contribute to the attainment of the desirable social economic indicators by the year 2030. The Vision will be operationalised through the five year development plans starting with the Fifth National Development Plan (2006 2010) and annual budgets
The Zambian people’s vision is to become “A Prosperous Middle Income Nation by 2030”. By 2030, Zambians, aspire to live in a strong and dynamic middle-income industrial nation that provides opportunities for improving the well being of all, embodying values of socioeconomic justice, underpinned by the principles of: (i) gender responsive sustainable development; (ii) democracy; (iii) respect for human rights; (iv) good traditional and family values; (v) positive attitude towards work; (vi) peaceful coexistence and; (vii) private-public partnerships.

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