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National Housing and Urban Development Sector Plan (NHUDSP)

  • Published on March 5, 2023
The National Housing and Urban Development Sector Plan (NHUDSP) is a consolidation of existing and proposed policies, plans, and programs of the Department. It serves as the overall roadmap containing action points and strategies to address the gaps and issues in housing, human settlements, and urban development.
The sector plan aims to attain sustainable housing in well-planned communities through banner programs relevant to sustainable consumption and production, which include:
a. Creating spaces – To identify, protect, and develop sustainable, resilient and inclusive spaces through identification of areas for metropolitan development, integration of ecosystem-based planning in the CLUPs of LGUs, incorporation of transit-oriented development in urban planning, and promotion of open spaces; and
b. Transforming spaces into communities – To transform spaces into communities that promote equity, inclusiveness, and resilience through the development of policies on informal settlements upgrading, high-density housing, sustainable livelihood program, and green infrastructure.

The NUDHSP pushes forward strategies for sustainable consumption and production within the ambit of its mandate such as formulation of policies and guidelines for human settlements and urban development. Enforcement of ridge-to-reef approach and mainstreaming of low impact/low-emission strategies and water-sensitive designs such as water collection, bio-retention systems, and wetland preservation; and inclusive urban economic development with due consideration to sustainable production are being integrated in the CLUP guidelines. Moreover, the sector plan also pushes for the development of policies for an integrated government approach to green infrastructure development.

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