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National Environmental Education and Education for Sustainable Development Policy 2019

  • Published on December 22, 2020
The objectives of the National EE and ESD Policy are to: 1. Develop environmental literacy and communication strategies that promote the cognitive domain of learning in which verifiable facts are subject to scientific inquiry. 2. Develop environmental knowledge and awareness programmes that create a general understanding of environmental issues, their causes, risks, and solutions. 3. Develop skills necessary for the protection of the environment. 4. Promote positive attitudes and behavioral change towards the environment (as in natural resources). 5. Promote environment awareness ans behavioral change at all levels from the individual to the large scale through activities such as recycling, permaculture, and water and energy efficiency and observing environmental days. 6. Develop environmental ethics and values. 7. Monitor and evaluate EE and ESD programmes through participatory action-based processes aimed at strengthening the EE and ESD programmes and initiatives. 8. Strengthening political will and government support for the implementation of EE and ESD policies and programmes through collaborative partnerships.
The mission of the National EE and ESD Policy is to reorient, integrate and upscale quality EE and ESD in environmental awareness, education and training systems, research and innovation systems, policies, programmes and action for sustainable development.

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