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  • Published on October 6, 2019
he National Strategy and Action Plan for Mainstreaming Sustainable Consumption and Production into Agriculture/Food Production, Transport, and Waste Management Sectors in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan (2016-2025) aims at supporting the implementation of agreed on SCP strategic, operational objectives and actions at the national level. This document has been prepared in line with the regional SCP Action Plan for the Mediterranean, in cooperation with the SWITCH-Med Programme1 and financed by the European Union to support SCP common objectives in the region. Jordan's SCP Strategy and National Action Plan (NAP) addresses key human activities, which have a particular impact on the Jordanian environment including marine and coastal areas and related transversal and crosscutting issues. It defines common objectives and identifies actions guiding the implementation of the SCP at the national level.
Strategic objective 1: Establish a national platform for institutionalizing the process of mainstreaming SCP into relevant sectors' plans to ensure coherence, coordination and implementation of SCP activities at the national and regional levels, and thus translate the global commitments on SCP to the Country and the Mediterranean Region. • Strategic objective 2: Develop and implement agreed on national SCP Operational Objectives in the country supporting the national, and thus, the regional implementation in order to promote and strengthen a circular and green economy and support the regional conventions and their protocols and other national and regional policy frameworks for sustainable development. • Strategic objective 3: Engage key national stakeholders in developing, practising, and evaluating Sustainable Consumption and Production models and circular economy measures leading to high resource efficiency and preservation, reduced pollution, and decoupling the economic development process from environmental degradation and promoting sustainable lifestyles.

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