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Indonesian Minister of Agriculture Decree on Guidelines for Growth and Development of Private and Independent Agricultural Extension Agent in Oil Palm Plantation Area

  • Published on February 11, 2022

The Good Growth Partnership supported the development of the Indonesian Minister of Agriculture decree No. 40/2020 (legalized in November 2020) which serves as a legal umbrella to strengthen and foster independent and private agriculture extension services in palm oil producing areas. The Decree recognizes and mandates palm oil company and independent extension service workers to assist and strengthen technical and organizational capacity and capability of independent smallholders, particularly those involved in palm oil replanting programmes, and establishes a system to identify the location of private extension service workers so they can provide support to smallholders nearby concessions.

This Decree will improve the capacity of extension services with an increased number of private and independent extension agents and will strengthen and unify extension services (public/private/independent) supporting smallholders, which will help producers to have access to sufficient knowledge and capacity for production that respects sustainability principles.

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