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Indonesia 10 YFP-SCP

  • Published on January 7, 2020
In order to strengthen the commitment on the implementation of SCP in Indonesia within the national development agenda and to enhance Indonesia's role as a global leader on sustainable development agenda, in 2013 Ministry of Environment Indonesia (now become Ministry of Environment and Forestry) has developed a document of 10Y-SCP Indonesia in cooperation with the Ministry of Development Planning/National Development Planning Agency (BAPPENAS), related Ministries/Agencies, Indonesian Chamber of Commerce, and several main stakeholders. The document of "10Y-SCP Indonesia" contains an Indonesia's road map during 2013 – 2023 period for mainstreaming the implementation of SCP into the national development agenda and implementation of several prioritized national policies/programs in phases. Start at 2013, Indonesia implement two approaches on SCP Plan of attact :  SCP on the ground which focus on operational bussiness process change includes government, bussinesss, and society community  SCP top down that contains sectoral SCP policy including industry tourism (12.b) public works energy (incl. 12.c) transportation agriculture, building/housing) These two approach are crossed with thematic SCP content i.e climate change, chemical (12.4), resource efficiency (12.2), waste management (12.4), waste reduction (12.5), water, food (12.3), energy use, plastic, and other materials use. In 2020 onward we start to incorporate SCP into bussiness planning cycle (for SCP on the ground stream of approach) and development planing cycle (for SCP top down stream of approach)
Those two stream of approaches are expected to support formation of Communities of Practice, Platform for Sharing, and Collaboration on SCP

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