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Harmonized National Research and Development Agenda (HNRDA) 2022-2028

  • Published on March 4, 2023
The DOST, in consultation with government and private research and development institutions, the academe, industry and other concerned agencies, prepared and updated the HNRDA 2022-2028 to direct and ensure that science, technology, and innovation are geared towards and are utilized in areas of maximum economic and social benefit for the people.
Specifically, the HNRDA provides the priorities for agriculture, aquatic, and natural resources (AANR). These specific agenda aims to (a) guide the national R&D system in the formulation of programs/projects to support AANR development; (b) encourage complementary and purposeful collaborations/partnerships; (c) mobilize and ensure effective and efficient use of resources; and (d) provide a framework for developing R&D capacity and expertise.
The HNRDA covers renewable energy, sustainable and healthier alternative food products using local sources, solid waste management, and environmental quality concerns, among others.
In terms of sustainable production, the agenda includes programs and projects dealing with improved agricultural productivity and management practices, such as optimization of nutrient and water management, integrated pest and disease management, organic agriculture, and smart farming approaches, among others.
On consumption/utilization of resources, it covers the conservation, sustainable utilization and management of endangered, threatened, and endemic terrestrial and aquatic species, valuation of ecosystem services, and control and management of risks and hazads in water ecosystems, among others.

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