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Green Public Procurement Support plan 2015-2017

  • Published on October 8, 2019
The Green Procurement Promotion Plan 2015-2017 (GPPSP) is astrategic short-term policy planning document, which aimed at contributing to sustainable consumption and production through increasing the proportion of green procurement, especially green public procurement. GPPSP is intended to ensure that procurement planned from the state and local government budgets to which GP applies, in financial terms reaches at least 15% of the total volume of procurement made by state and local government institutions starting from 2015, 20% in 2016, and 17% in 2017, and that GP and GPPSP requirements are applied and integrated in the implementation process of the EU Structural Funds and of the Cohesion Fund. For the achievement of the target concrete tasks and precise and measurable deliverables have been defined within GPPSP for the parties involved, and a monitoring system has been envisaged for progress and problem evaluation. The main tree parts of GPPSP are: 1. Review of the current situation (information about the benefits of GP, relationship with other planning documents, the regulatory framework, and also progress made so far in implementing and promoting GP); 2. Strategic directions, framework (objective, formulation of action lines, sources of financing, the functioning of public procurement, main problems associated with the use of green purchasing/green public procurement); 3. Action lines (3 GPPSP action lines have been formulated with concrete steps for their implementation).
Green procurement (GP) and Green Public procurement GPP are not made sufficiently in Latvia, therefore a systematic approach is necessary to address the issue. Practice shows that in order to improve GP and GPP performance, involvement of the government at all levels and motivation of the public sector and citizens are necessary to promote sustainable consumption and production. 3 action lines are proposed for the achievement of GPPSP targets: A. Improvement of the institutional system and regulatory framework; B. Methodological management and monitoring; C. Promotion of GP and GPP. To ensure the legal framework and application of binding GP and GPP activities, it is necessary to improve the institutional system and the regulatory framework (action line A). A monitoring and evaluation system envisaged for controlling the results achieved, which would promote improvements to the existing system and make the results available to the public. Methodological management and monitoring (action line B) must be ensured in order to provide information about GPP and application of GP criteria to other state and local government institutions. In order to increase the understanding and environmental public awareness, as well as to facilitate GPP in public administration, GP will be promoted (action line C) among state and local government institutions ensuring its wider distribution.

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