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The green public procurement strategy for 2022-2027

  • Published on February 14, 2023

The primary objective of the green public procurement (GPP) strategy for 2022-2027, adopted at the end of 2022 by the Hungarian government, is for tenderers to apply green aspects in their public procurement procedures as widely as possible, and to this end, a system of supporting tools aimed at developing the skills and abilities necessary for the effective conduct of green public procurement procedures and spreading good practices. 

In general, Act CXLIII of 2015 on public procurement (hereinafter: PPA) has a strategic approach to public procurement, in which sustainability aspects also have to be taken into consideration. 

Several provisions of the PPA in effect allow contracting authorities to require green, environmental protection aspects during the conduct of their public procurement procedures, but it is important to note that the application of these aspects is not made mandatory by the relevant provisions. These aspects may appear in the public procurement procedure during the selection of the winning tenderer, among the conditions for the performance of the contract, the suitability requirements, and the definition of the technical specifications.

The PPA states that as a primary rule, contracting authorities shall – where applicable, using social, environmental, or other aspects – choose the most economically advantageous tender, by using a cost-effectiveness approach, or best price-quality ratio as contract award criteria instead of the lowest price (Art. 76-78 of the PPA)

Government Decree 321/2015 (X. 30.) on the way of certifying suitability and the non-existence of the grounds for exclusion as well as the definition of public procurement technical specifications in contract award procedures details the legal requirements for the implementation of related provisions of the PPA. According to the Government Decree environmental and social approaches may be required during the definition of technical specifications [Art. 48 (2)]

The green public procurement (GPP) strategy of Hungary for 2022-2027 was adopted by the Hungarian government and published at the end of 2022.

The strategy provides an overview of the current state of green public procurement in Hungary and sets out key considerations for the design of measures to promote and increase its use.

 In order to achieve the objectives, the Strategy contains an action plan that defines the areas of intervention and the tools to be used.

The application of green public procurement aspects can contribute in particular to promoting the transition to a circular economic model, as well as to stimulating industrial innovation, through the development and popularization of "green" technologies and products, thus encouraging domestic enterprises to use green technologies and solutions that improve their competitiveness.

Green public procurement can improve the services provided to the population and thus the quality of life (for example, cleaner public transport improves air quality), and it can help improve the quality of specific products and services. Through the goal of environmental sustainability, green public procurement fits into many sectoral policy areas and can help achieve their goals, including sustainable consumption and production.

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