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Green Kindergarten Program and Network

  • Published on February 14, 2023

The “Green Kindergarten Program and Network” – a program targeting environmental awareness and sustainability education – has been operating in Hungary since 2006. Over 1100 Hungarian kindergartens (approximately 30% of kindergartens) have gained the “Green Kindergarten” title.

Education through direct (e.g. ESD activities, gardening, projects) and indirect (e.g. daily operation, maintenance, communication, events) learning in green kindergartens contributes to shaping children’s attitudes, advocating for sustainability (raising awareness on sustainable use of natural resources and energy, prevention/minimization of waste production, promoting selective waste collection and providing sustainable alternatives for kindergarten activities) and promoting conscious customer attitude (local and healthy products supporting local production and prudent utilization of natural resources) both raise parents’ attention, collaboration with local businesses and communities (e.g. serving local products in school canteens) have direct effect on sustainable consumption and production practices.

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