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German Packaging Law

  • Published on December 17, 2019
The newly revised draft of the Packaging Law (`Verpackungsgesetz, VerpackG´) was adopted by the Federal Cabinet on January 20, 2021. The parliamentary legislative process can start. Where plastic cannot be avoided, it should be recycled. Therefore, there is to be a minimum proportion of recyclates for certain beverage bottles made of single-use plastic. The revised packaging law also contains a regulation for restaurants, fast food chains, coffe shops etc. who sell take away food and beverages. They have to offer reusable containers from 2023 on. The reusable alternative must not be more expensive and the reusable packaging must also be taken back by the respective restaurant or café. Small stores with no more than three employees are exempt from the obligation, but must accept to serve food or drink into containers customers have brought with them. The aim is to reduce the fast rising amount of packaging waste in the take-away sector. With these adjustments, the revised Packaging Law fully complies with the requirements of the European Directive (EU) 2019/904 on the reduction of the impact of certain plastic products on the environment.
The German Packaging Law contributes to specify and standardize extended producer responsability rules. It contributes to a shift towards a Circular Economy, thus preserving finite resources.

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