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General Administrative Regulation on the Procurement of climate-friendly Services (AVV Klima)

  • Published on December 20, 2021

The German government aims to make the federal administration climate-neutral by 2030. The cabinet has therefore adopted a General Administrative Regulation on the Procurement of Climate-Friendly Services (AVV Klima).

Climate-friendly public procurement plays a leading role in the transformation towards a sustainable and climate-friendly economy. By managing its demand, the federal administration can help make innovative and climate-friendly technologies competitive on the market.

The AVV Klima replaces the General Administrative Regulation on the Procurement of Energy-Efficient Services (AVV EnEff) and adopts its specifications in order to continue to ensure a high level of energy efficiency in all federal procurement processes. The new administrative regulation decisively supplements these requirements with ambitious regulations aimed at the procurement of particularly climate-relevant products and services.

The AVV Klima specifies in concrete terms how aspects of climate protection must be regularly taken into account as part of the preparation of the purchasing process, but also in the subsequent award procedure itself. In future, a CO2 price will be used as a basis for calculating the avoidance or causation of greenhouse gas emissions in procurement processes (so-called CO2 shadow price). This means that the quantity of greenhouse gas emitted over the entire life cycle is already taken into account as a cost factor when purchasing.

For easier orientation in practice, the AVV Klima includes a "negative list" of services that are generally not to be procured. These particularly climate-relevant products include, for example, certain types of packaging material or construction machinery that do not comply with exhaust emission standards.

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