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Fossil free Sweden (Fossilfritt Sverige)

  • Published on December 31, 2017
By working with industry actors Fossil Free Sweden identifies obstacles and opportunities to decarbonization. Fossil Free Sweden presents policy suggestions and brings together actors to implement measures. 22 roadmaps for decarbonization of business sectors have been produced within the framework.


Fossil Free Sweden is working to increase the pace of the climate transition. The goal is to build a strong industrial sector and to create more jobs and export opportunities by going fossil free.

 Fossil Free Sweden was started at the initiative of the Swedish Government in 2015 ahead of the major UN climate conference in Paris and brings together actors in the form of companies, municipalities, regions and organizations that give their backing to the declaration that Sweden will be one of the first fossil free nations in the world.

 The initiative is run by an office headed by a national coordinator. By working with companies, industries, municipalities and regions, Fossil Free Sweden is identifying obstacles and opportunities in order to accelerate developments. On that basis, Fossil Free Sweden produces political proposals that are presented to the Government and brings together actors to implement measures.

 Fossil Free Sweden has a unique role between the business sector and politics, in the form of various ministries and Riksdag parties, in finding common ways ahead to speed up the transition to a fossil free welfare nation.

 22 business sectors have produced roadmaps for fossil-free competitiveness within the framework of Fossil Free Sweden. The roadmaps contain both commitments and political proposals. Fossil Free Sweden works to make the implementation of the roadmaps possible and are also developing strategies around different areas to speed up the transition.

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