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Formulation of a Sustainable Construction Policy to the Aburrá Valley (prior to trust fund project in the same region)

  • Published on December 14, 2017
To contribute to the development of the region, to the improvement of the quality of life of the inhabitants and to the protection of the environment through the implementation of sustainability criteria in the planning, design, construction, operation and deconstruction of construction projects.
Details In 2014 Área Metropolitana del Valle de Aburrá - AMVA convened the 10 Municipalities; the Private Sector; Universities; NGOs and Community Action Boards to take part on a Sustainable Construction Borad, aimed to support the formulation of a Public Policy for Sustainable Construction to the Aburrá Valley, which was issued in November 2015, and officially adopted by Metrpolitan Agreement 023/2015 . Since state and municipal administrations in Colombia were renewed in 2016, all public stakeholders have to be reintroduced to the policy. In the other hand, private sector has to be supported to effectively implement sustainability criteria proposed by the policy. Proud of Bringing together both public and private sector Have issued a comprehensive framework for sustainable construction Based on this framework a 10YFP project was approved Feedback Documents are comprenhensive and useful, some aspects are quite complex thugh Challenges Bringing stakeholders together Producing the technical background adequate to the local context Advice Sustainable construction is being too much focusing on operative energy efficiency at buildings. A more comprehensive approach is required, so other scales (master planning, public space) and aspects (habitability, biodiversity, ecological function, social cohesion) are included

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