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Finnish Roadmap to a Circular Economy 2016-2025, Finland

  • Published on September 19, 2018
Finnish Roadmap to a Circular Economy 2016-2025, Finland, launched in 2017 by the Sitra - Finnish Innovation Fund, in collaboration with national ministries and institutions, local authorities, civil society, the scientific and technical community, and the business sector. Finland’s circular economy roadmap describes the concrete actions that can accelerate the transfer to a competitive circular economy in Finland. The roadmap highlights best practices and pilots that can be easily replicated and provide added on a national scale.
The target of the Finnish government and the road map is to make Finland a global leader in the circular economy by 2025. This mindset emphasises the state’s role in facilitating a progressive growth platform that is favourable for the domestic market and companies and, on the other hand, a strong company, export and technology orientation combined with the search for comprehensive solutions and co-operation covering the entire value chain. A circular economy is not being created with only the domestic market in mind – the vast opportunities presented by the global market are the core of the road map’s long-term vision. Finland will seek a pioneering role by focusing on five interlinked focus areas: 1) a sustainable food system, 2) forest-based loops, 3) technical loops, 4) transport and logistics, and 5) joint actions. Synergies between these areas will also be taken into account.

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