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Environmental Quality ODA Programme

  • Published on February 10, 2022

The Environmental Quality Official Development Assistance (ODA) Programme acts as an information-based instrument aimed at sustainable use of pesticides, sustainable treatment and disposal of waste, developing safe and sustainable food systems and has the overall aim to reduce pollution and its impact on biodiversity and climate.

The Environmental Quality ODA Programme is completing a scoping year to develop interventions in concert with developing countries to reduce pollution and its effects on biodiversity and climate in those countries. These interventions consider UK, developing country and international priorities; impact; sustainability and the use of nature-based solutions.

These interventions meet several of the targets of SDG 12. Supporting the development of national pollution risk and transfer registers meets target 12.1. Developing safe and sustainable food systems meets target 12.3. Reducing the consumption/use of pollutants such as pesticides meets target 12.4 as does the improvement of the management and treatment of waste, which also meets target 12.5. The programme will be implemented through the development of knowledge resources, the support of monitoring and reporting and engagement in outreach with communities, academia and national governments.

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