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Dialogue for a sustainable textile value chain focusing on the environment and chemicals

  • Published on February 14, 2022

The aim for the dialogue group is to contribute to reduce the environmental and health impact caused by the textile industry throughout the value chain from production and consumption to waste treatment and to promote resource-efficient and non-toxic life cycles.

Through dialogue and co-creation as a method, the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency and the Swedish Chemicals Agency want to involve relevant actors in order to create action around relevant issues in the textile value chain. The dialogue takes place in collaboration with actors in the textile sector, such as authorities, industry organizations, innovation and education players, researchers, voluntary organizations and municipal representatives and other actors.
At the dialogue meetings, participants have the opportunity to discuss methods that reduce environmental impact and chemical use, tools, innovative solutions, funding for development work and ongoing research. There is also the opportunity for exchange of experience, networking and inspiration for new innovative solutions.
The initiative comes from the government assignment on textile management that was started in 2016. The dialogue was planned to last for three years with two dialogue meetings per year, which will highlight different themes with links to sustainable textile management. 


The textile dialogue work to achieve:

·        Reduced environmental and health impacts throughout the value chain
·        Focus on chemicals and the environment
·        Resource-efficient and non-toxic cycles
·        Coordination between ongoing initiatives and between parallel initiatives 
·        Collaboration between different actors in the textile value chain
·        Increased awareness of the issue - textile
·        Learn from and be inspired by each other

·        In topics where there is consensus, the industry and the authorities can jointly operate towards other national authorities as well as towards EU and international organizations and industries.


We are most proud of to have initiated a lot of new collaboration initiatives between the participants. The Textile dialogue has become an important place to be to receive the latest research and take part in events connected to sustainability and textile.


In the beginning of 2021, the initiative was included in the Swedish roadmap for circular economy and three further dialogue meetings have been held during the year.


The feedback from the participants have been very positive. More and more actors want to be invited to the events. At the first meeting in 2017 we had about 70 people in the audience. The last meetings have had 110-130 participants.

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