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Dialogue with the Construction Sector in Sweden through participating in the BASTA scientific board.

  • Published on February 14, 2022

The objective for BASTA is to help achieve the national environmental target of a Non-toxic environment by phasing out chemicals with dangerous characteristics from construction and building products.

The BASTA scientific board proposes environmental criteria for construction products and offers a database with construction products that fulfil these criteria. To be able to register their products in the BASTA databases, suppliers first sign an agreement with BASTA whereby they guarantee that the products to be registered meet the BASTA criteria. Suppliers can then pay an annual fee to have their products registered in the BASTA database. As a means of quality assurance, BASTA carries out annual audits on a selection of the companies who have registered their products in the system. The four main contractors in the construction sector has approved the BASTA system and are actively participating in the scientific board.


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