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Comprehensive Land Use Plan (CLUP) Guidebooks

  • Published on March 5, 2023

The CLUP Guidebook is a response to major legislative and environmental shifts affecting land use and resource allocation and management in the country. It serves as a technical guide and reference for LGUs, community members, and public on various processes related to the formulation or updating of their local land use plans. These include the preparation of the CLUP, tools in the collection and generation of data and information, and analytical and evaluative methodologies to determine on the strategic and long-term vision and development goals of the cities/municipalities.

The CLUP Guidebook Volume 3 contains tools and strategies in assessing the different sectors of identified LGUs. It has adopted the ridge-to-reef framework, CCA-DRR, ancestral domain, biodiversity, heritage conservation, and green growth.
Specifically, it provides the following sections in support of the Sustainable Consumption and Production goals and objectives:
a. Ecosystem Analysis – This presents studies understanding the dynamic relationships and interconnectedness of ecosystems from the mountains (landscape-ridge) to the seas (seascape-reef). It includes analysis of resource mapping, CCA-DRR, forest ecosystem, coastal and marine, and biodiversity areas.
b. Sectoral Studies – This entails documentation and understanding of the current conditions prevailing in the planning area which will be the basis for the projected development. It includes studies on different sectors such as demography, social, economic, and infrastructure.
c. Special Area Studies – These are the enhancements to the guidebook, and it presents strategies for sustainable development, such as the application of green growth, urban design, heritage and ancestral domain conservation. The assessment of the different sectors will serve as an input to the identification of the development thrust and spatial strategies that the LGU may pursue in ensuring sustainable growth and development.

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