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Bhutan National Strategy on Sustainable Consumption and Production

  • Published on December 20, 2019
Bhutan's National Strategy on Sustainable Consumption and Production will aim at ensuring the sustainable use of natural resources while preventing pollution and waste. The objective is to decouple resource use from economic growth. The strategy will help consolidate and harmonize national sectoral policies and initiatives, identify specific goals and objectives related to SCP under each sector, mobilize support and build momentum for SCP in the country.
This national strategy will be fully dedicated to supporting the shift to sustainable consumption and production. The overall objective is to decouple economic growth and well-being from the use of natural resources and environmental degradation. An initial inter-ministerial dialogue, held in October 2019 in Paro, Bhutan, identified the following priority sectors and cross-cutting objectives: agriculture (including forestry), tourism, construction (including mining), procurement, transport, waste, and energy; public administration at all levels (national, regional, municipal), eco-innovation and eco-labeling, and waste management as a stand alone sector.

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