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Adaptation Plan for the Tourism Sector

  • Published on February 15, 2020
The Climate Change Adaptation Plan for the Tourism sector is in the stage of generating information necessary for its preparation and creation of technical work teams. The actions that will be considered in the adaptation plan for this sector, will have as main objective to generate the necessary information for the incorporation of adaptation actions in tourism policies and private sector practices, so as to avoid negative effects on development of the sector.
The lines of action will consider at least the following: Evaluate the vulnerability of national tourism throughout the territory by identifying the areas and tourism products that will be most affected under the different climatic scenarios and against the occurrence of extreme weather events. Identify climate change adaptation actions to address the different types of impacts on tourism (changes in the geographical tourism area, effects on tourism infrastructure, demand and tourism supply, access roads, quality of service, etc. Integrate the concepts of climate change and adaptation into politics, strategy and tourism programs. sustainable in development in the country Involvement of all interested parties through dissemination, training and participation in the definition of adaptation actions.

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