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Action Plan to increase the proportion of green public procurements and green innovation (2021-2030)

  • Published on March 5, 2023

The Action Plan to increase the proportion of green public procurement and green innovation supports a shift towards sustainable consumption and production in Norway. It promotes public procurement practices that are sustainable (12.7) through the implementation of ten key actions to be implemented by the Agency for Public and Financial Management (DFØ) in cooperation with a range of actors. One action is a green competence boost for procurements, including a help desk for sustainable procurements. Another action is a commitment by key central government agencies to lead the way to increase the proportion of green public procurement in key market segments. There is also an action to improve strategic management. Moreover, DFØ will work to improve access to statics and data on green public procurement.

 Public procurement is promoted as an important means for Norway to deliver on its climate and environmental targets. The ambition level of the action plan reflects the ambition level of climate and environmental target.

The action plan contributes to the shift to Sustainable Consumption and Production, and green public procurement is identified as a key policy instrument for achieving a green shift and for Norway to meet its climate and environmental targets. The Action Plan is implemented through the ten key actions to promote green and innovative public procurement in Norway. It provides recommendations but is not in itself legally binding, and thus supports the environmental provisions in the Public Procurement Act. It was developed by DFØ in close cooperation with the Environmental Agency, through a transparent and inclusive process with public consultations, and based on findings from a number of written sources published i.e. by the Norwegian Environmental Agency, the OECD and the EU Commission.


The Action Plan provides advice on the priority categories where contracting authorities should generally include environmental requirements or criteria to help minimize environmental impact and help promote zero and low emission solutions and a more circular economy. On top of this list is transport, building, construction and property, food and catering services as well as ICT/electrical and electronic equipment.

Green and innovative procurement is defined by a threefold purpose to:

1. reduce harmful environmental impact

2. promote climate friendly and environmentally friendly solutions, including zero and low emission solutions, a circular economy and green competitiveness and

3. promote more sustainable supply chains and green jobs nationally and globally 

The action plan is implemented in close interaction with contracting authorities – through seminars, webinars, workshops, one-on-one meetings, guidance and GPP criteria as well as a help desk. 

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