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Accelerating the Ecological Civilization Construction in China

  • Published on January 1, 2020
By 2020, significant progress will be made in the construction of resource-saving and environment-friendly society, the layout of main functional areas has basically formed, the quality and efficiency of economic development have improved significantly, the mainstream values of ecological civilization have been promoted throughout the society, and the level of ecological civilization construction and the goal of completing the building of a moderately prosperous society are compatible.
One of the main goals is, "Resource utilization is more efficient. The intensity of carbon dioxide emissions per unit of GDP has dropped by 40% to 45% compared to 2005, the intensity of energy consumption has continued to decline, the rate of resource output has increased significantly, and the total water consumption has been striven to control at 670 billion cubic meters, water consumption per 10,000 yuan of industrial added value has been reduced to below 65 cubic meters, the effective utilization coefficient of farmland irrigation water has been increased to above 0.55, and the proportion of non-fossil energy sources in primary energy consumption has reached about 15%. "´╝łsource:(3) Main target )

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