The One Planet network is looking for a consultant to facilitate multi-stakeholder consultations on key value chains for eight months.
2 February 2021


The One Planet network and the International Resource Panel established a task group bringing together the experts on natural resources and the practitioners implementing sustainable consumption and production.The task group aims to catalyse science-based policy action on sustainable consumption and production, thereby providing actionable insights on the management of natural resources in relation to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. To achieve this, the task group took a sectoral focus and applied the value-chain approach.

The value-chain approach underpins the interface between the science on natural resources and the action on sustainable consumption and production. It is a science-based life cycle approach which enables UNEP and partners to translate scientific information into SCP action. It identifies where the greatest opportunities for improvement occur and shapes corresponding actions by building on existing knowledge and available data.

The One Planet network is therefore looking for a consultant with knowledge and understanding in the area of environmental sustainability, natural resource management and sustainable consumption and production.

The consultant will help develop a common agenda that engages all actors, addresses key hotspots and leverages existing solutions along the food and construction value chain, as well as an approach for strengthening implementation of the common agenda for the plastics value chain.

Duties and Responsibilities

The consultant's assistance is needed to support activites related to value chains. The consultant will:

  • Review the analyses of the food, construction and plastics value chains, as well as the analysis of the existing policies and initiatives.
  • Plan the consultations as a series of online workshops that engage actors at different stages of these value chains to identify solutions and define a common agenda
  • Propose and organise preparatory work that participants to the workshop can undertake to engage effectively in the consultations
  • Organise and facilitate the consultations - identify and invite experts, develop agenda, facilitate discussions, prepare report, finalise recommendations
  • Consolidate information derived from these consultations to develop the report and the common agenda that is owned by all participants.
  • Prepare any required knowledge products (presentations, briefs, etc) required to facilitate the consultations
  • Support sessions on strengthening the science-policy action on SCP post-2022

To Apply

The deadline to apply is February 9th 2021. For further information about the position and to submit an application, click here

Biodiversity, Circularity, Food, Plastics, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Value chain