The One Planet network is looking for a consultant to work with the Sustainable Consumption and Production Unit to provide technical backstopping to the Consumer Information & Ecolabeling team.
3 February 2021
  • Consumer Information for SCP


The Consumer Information Programme (CI-SCP) implements and supports projects; undertakes research; identifies and encourages policies; and provides collaboration opportunities for anyone looking to engage and assist consumers in sustainable consumption. The aspirational target of the CI-SCP is to work towards: "companies providing credible sustainability information on at least 50% of their products & services at the point of sale".

The focus of the consultancy is to support activities of the consumer information and ecolabelling team located in the Consumption and Production Unit in Paris, France. Consumer information covers a range of tools and systems that seek to enable and encourage consumers to make more sustainable choices about products (goods and services), taking into account their use and end of life phases.

The Consumption and Production Unit's work on consumer information (including eco-labelling) supports governments, private sector (including retailers), label and standard organizations/ certification bodies, and civil society (including consumer groups), through global tools and capacity building, awareness raising and technical assistance, as well as policy development. The work is also contributing to the global Consumer Information Programme (CI-SCP) of the One Planet network (10YFP), in line with its three objectives: improving availability, accessibility and quality of consumer information; driving change in government and business; and enhancing communication to drive behaviour change.

The CI-SCP programme is looking for a consultant from March to November. The consultant will provide technical backstopping to the Consumer Information & Ecolabeling team of the Sustainable Consumption and Production Unit of UNEP. She or he will contribute to the coordination and development of written outputs (knowledge products, reports...), undertake outreach activites (training workshops, seminars, etc), support networking among key actors in particular through the Consumer information programme of the One Planet network.

Duties and Responsibilities

Under the supervision of the Associate Programme Officer of the Consumption and Production Unit, the consultant will provide support to the consumer information and eco-labelling work stream, especially to the project Advance SCP.

  • Ecolabels
    • Give technical support to the development of a training on ecolabelling in the framework of a working group of the Consumer Information Programme (led by UNEP, GIZ and the Global Ecolabelling Network): review the training material, contribute to oversee and deliver the capacity building events
    • Promote regional collaboration on ecolabelling by contributing to the organization of a regional virtual event in Latin America, with participants that work with labelling schemes (such as Sello Ambiental America) and the politically responsible persons in the countries.
    • Prepare written output on type I eco-labels with climate, resource and biodiversity-friendly criteria, to identify priority activities for governments to support impact and outreach of type I eco labels, develop institutional arrangements, and increase knowledge sharing and global collaboration among regions (Latin America, Africa and Asia)
  • Guidelines for Providing Product Sustainability Information: Organize virtual capacity building workshops on making reliable claims and applying the Guidelines for Providing Product Sustainability Information (at least one in Africa and another one for Small and Medium Enterprises)
  • E-commerce and digitalization:
    • Give technical advice on the adaptation of the principles of the Guidelines for Providing Product Sustainability Information to the e-commerce setting.
    • Convene an expert workshop with key influencers (such as Amazon, Google, etc.) to identify and collect effective practices on consumer information and behaviour change, make recommendations and work with influencers to implement those (e.g. highlighting more sustainable products in web search engines)
  • Consumers information material shared with existing e-learning courses: Integrate Identify existing relevant e-learnings delivered by other organization and develop partnership to integrate UNEP training material into consumers information module
  • Give technical support on sustainability standards & labels in the food system sector
  • Raise awareness on the ‘real cost’ of products, and consumer information tools such as the second price tag, building on fiscal and pricing policy findings
  • Communication & networking : The consultant will also support wider communication work of the consumer information and eco-labelling work stream, including communication with working group members of the Consumer Information Programme, preparation of content to be shared through social media channels; updating of the related content in the Programme’s sections on the One Planet network website.
  • Product Lifetime Extension – PLE: The consultant will support UNEP’s work around Product Lifetime Extension - PLE, by providing technical support to the One Planet network Consumer Information Programme working group.
  • Participate to weekly team meetings

To Apply

The deadline to apply is February 13th 2021. For further information about the position and to submit an application, click here

  • Consumer Information for SCP