Join this webinar to learn about a new green product certification in Sri Lanka. In a project undertaken from 2017 as part of the 10YFP Trust Fund, the agri-food sector in Sri Lanka was focused on to establish more sustainable consumption and production practices. Improving access to information amongst consumers and businesses was a key aim as surveys showed a lack of awareness of sustainable produce among consumers, a lack of standards, and limited certification systems at affordable prices.

Implemented in

  • Asia / Pacific
  • Sri Lanka

Sector of activity
Agricultural and Fishery

Type of initiative
Capacity Building & Implementation, Education & Awareness Raising

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Naomi Scott-Mearns

Sustainable Consumption Manager


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In Sri Lanka, agriculture utilizes 43% of the total land area so the switch to more environmentally sustainable and healthy consumption and production practices are imperative.

This webinar is run by the Consumer Information Programme of the UN One Planet network – the implementation mechanism of SDG12. The webinar is designed to inform attendees about the 10YFP trust fund project that took place in Sri Lanka from 2017-19.


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Output level

Training for SCP

  • WEBINAR: A Green Product Certification Scheme for the Dairy Sector in Sri Lanka

Impact and Results

You can access more details on the project here:

A consumer survey on sustainable consumption was carried out in Sri Lanka as part of this project and this survey revealed that 99% of people realize that consumption creates an environmental impact and for 98% of people, protecting the environment is personally important. More detail on the survey:

Next steps and how to get involved

Please watch the webinar available on the One Planet network YouTube channel: