Pick n Pay’s ‘War on Waste’ is a set of stretch goals that will deliver significant shifts by 2020. We have developed a comprehensive three tiered waste reduction strategy. The strategy is centered on the following three focus areas:
1.Prevention of waste being created
2. Supporting communities in need through food donation
3. Diversion from landfill

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Water, Consumer Goods, Education, Energy, Food & Beverage, Public Procurement

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Lumka Nyamela

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Pick n Pay Stores Limited

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Supporting communities in need through food donation:
Pick n Pay is committed to ensure that any food that is still safe for human consumption is distributed to those in need. Pick n Pay is Food Forward SA’s largest retail partner in South Africa. Over the past financial year, Pick n Pay has donated more than 2,000 tonnes of excess food to the organisation, which is used to create more than 20,000 meals every day.


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Impact and Results

The Mandela Day campaign started in 2017 and it has been a success with over 520 000 meals donated during the campaign. In 2018 Pick n Pay has donated 1680 tonnes of food at a value of R77m.

Next steps and how to get involved

Interested stakeholders can sign up to volunteer on the Food Forward SA website and be able to assist to pack on the packing sites on the Mandela Day.