With the Swiss tour operator Private Safaris, we want to set positive impulses in Uganda and create sustainable tourism offers. With Sustainable Travel & Tourism Agenda (STTA) a local qualification network is to be established. The representatives of the national associations for tour operators (AUTO) and for hotels (UHOA) will be trained on sustainability, quality and service standards so that they can guide their member companies towards sustainable practices. The project is funded by ADA.


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  • Africa
  • Uganda

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Capacity Building & Implementation, Education & Awareness Raising, Policy Frameworks & Tools

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Overall objective: Establishment of a qualification network in Uganda to promote sustainability standards in local tourism agencies and accommodation facilities and to improve the access of local providers to the German-speaking source market.

Objective 1: STTA is established as a central coaching, audit and network partner with a locally adapted qualification concept.

Objective 2: The associations AUTO & UHOA are established as qualification and dissemination partners and motivate members to participate in the following qualification programme.

Objective 3: Implementation of a qualification programme and capacity building of members of the associations (tour operators and accommodation providers) to implement sustainability and especially sustainable product development.

Objective 4: Innovative sustainable product development by the tour operators and accommodation providers and joint formation of the community 'Excellence Destination Uganda'.

Objective 5: The Ugandan community with its sustainable offers is marketed on the European source market.


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Output level

Training for SCP

  • Training Workshops on the Implementation of Sustainability in Tourism and Sustainable Supply Chain Management

Impact and Results

The establishment of a network of partners from the source and target markets enables the exchange and qualification of procedures and instruments in the qualification process, the consideration of local conditions and European requirements in the standards as well as a strong joint positioning and marketing in the source markets.

Sustainability qualification and certification enables East African tour operators and hotels to improve their access to the German-speaking source market by meeting existing quality and sustainability requirements of the commissioning tour operators and the growing demand for sustainable travel offers. This makes the value chain more sustainable.

Meeting sustainability standards promotes social, ecological and economic sustainability in the partner countries and contributes to their common good. The development of sustainable travel offers by local companies meets the growing demand of European tour operators and European travellers for sustainably developed and certified offers.

With the aim of giving East African tourism companies access to qualification and certification offers and thus to the European source market, and at the same time expanding the local offer of sustainable travel modules for the applicant, a corresponding network is to be established in East Africa.

The measures contribute directly to the development policy objectives of the Green Growth Development Strategy, the Development Plan and the Tourism Sector Development Plan.