The ecological approach to tourism development and respect for the principles of sustainable development are recognized globally as socially desirable and profitable, which is why the need for implementation of this approach needs to be strengthened, especially in the Adriatic and Ionian area as a part of Europe with a particularly valuable natural and cultural heritage.

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Establishing better regional cooperation and improve sustainable management of tourism in destinations across the macro-region, using IT as a tool not to create virtual traveling but support processes on finding solution to tourism challenges of travel and finding ways to include local communities. In addition, it is important to identify or develop a monitoring system to make synergies among different ministers and countries, need to be aware of transport emissions caused by tourists, share the responsibility and how to deal with this, regulate the use of energy.


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Raising the responsibility of all stakeholders in tourism, finding and demonstrating partnerships and responsibility to enhance quality of environment and life with planning and management of touristic flows and other infrastructures.