The Private University of Fes (UPF) organized, on December 06th and 07th 2017 in Fez and in partnership with Moulay Ismaïl University from Meknes a congress under the theme "Sustainable buildings and cities".
It was the opportunity to exchange among different academic and professional stakeholders on scientific and technical aspects, related to innovations in the field.

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  • Africa
  • Morocco

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Buildings and construction, Scientific Research, Development and Innovation

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Research, Analysis, Assessment

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Over the last decade, the Kingdom of the Morocco has experienced an exceptional development in most areas. During its formulation in 2005, the country's proactive strategy, dubbed "Plan Emergence" (Emergency Plan), it had as ambition to revitalize the Moroccan economy based on two pillars. The first corresponds to the redesign and consolidation of the existing industrial fabric; the second proposes at the same time to focus on other strategic sectors (aerospace, telecommunication, industrial valorization of local products, agriculture, seafood products, etc.)

Currently in 2017, we believe that the emerging plan could not succeed without improvement and restructuring of the national infrastructure. We are talking of course of the building sector, the road sector, and related areas such as the sector of hydraulics and environment, etc.

On the other hand, the energy sector and environmental constraints constitute more strategic objectives on a global scale. Indeed, currently, the regression of the developments brought about by modern physics, in the context of scientific and technical research, enabled betting on the eco-design of buildings and on a rational exploitation of nature's resources.

It is in this context that the private University of Fez (Université Privée de Fès) and the Moulay Ismail University (Université Moulay Ismaïl), organized the first Congress on "The buildings and sustainable cities", to discuss news as well as national and international progress in the field.


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Impact and Results

The Congress on «The buildings and sustainable cities» allowed to exchange among different academic and professional stakeholders on scientific and technical aspects, related to novelties in the topics such as : Energy efficiency in the building, Building materials and heritage, ICT, modeling and Numerical Simulation in construction, Eco-design in building , Geotechnical Engineering applied to construction, Networks of sensors and connected buildings, Design, engineering and environmental sustainability, smart grids, smart cities, ... etc.
It was also the opportunity to highlight some good practices at the industrial scale.

Next steps and how to get involved

Next edition of this congress is scheduled for december 2018. The call of paper will be annonced current spring 2018. The next edition will showcase the good practice in the field of sustainable buildings and constructions in Africa and mediteranean area.
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