In contribution to the implementation of the Agenda 2030 on Sustainable Development, the Government of Honduras, with the generous financial support from United Nations Development Accounts (UNDA), the technical support from the 10YFP Secretariat, and United Nations Environment Programme regional office for Asia and the Pacific, developed the National Plan on Sustainable Consumption and Production, which aims to mainstream resource efficiency tools and practices in key economic sectors. The plan is aligned with the main national development policies and strategies.

Mi Ambiente, 2017

Implemented in

  • Latin America / Caribbean
  • Honduras

Sectors of activity
Consumer Goods, Public Procurement, Tourism

Type of initiative
Policy Frameworks & Tools

Type of lead actor
Government / public sector

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Mateo Ledesma

United Nations Environment Programme

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To develop the National Plan on Sustainable Consumption and Production and integrate SCP into existing national development policies and frameworks.

The National Plan on SCP will promote the adoption of resource efficiency tools and practices in the prioritized areas: food systems, cities, tourism, manufacture and textile value chains and consumer information.


1. Scoping study on SCP related initiatives was developed. More than 120 initiatives from public and private organizations were identified.
2. Consultations with key public authorities and other stakeholders were carried out.
3. South-South Cooperation exchange was organized. Government representatives from Chile and Brazil (SCP leaders in LAC region) attended numerous meetings with key government’s institutions, including the Secretary of General Coordination - SCGG (equivalent to Ministry of Planning).
3. Development of National Plan on SCP with the support of almost 20 public institutions and other stakeholders.
4. Validation of National Plan on SCP by public institutions.
5. Assessment of financial mechanisms to support Plan implementation was developed.
5. High-level event to the official launching of National Plan on SCP was held in April 2018
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Impact and Results

1. Scoping Study on Sustainable Consumption and Production. This study identified around 120 SCP-related initiatives among private and public institutions.

2. South-South Cooperation on SCP. Increased knowledge and understanding on SCP policy-making among public institutions.

3. Existing development policies and strategies, as well as key policy documents on prioritized areas were integrated into National Plan on SCP.