In 2013 Singita Serengeti became a One Planet Community, setting out on a challenging journey to achieve sustainability in environmental, economic and social terms. This review looks back at the achievements of the past five years as well as forward with the ambitions and targets set out in the community’s evolving One Planet Action Plan.

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  • Singita

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Capacity Building & Implementation

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Civil society

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Singita Serengeti is a tourism venture which exists primarily to support the conservation of one of the world’s most iconic and amazing wildlife spaces while supporting local communities. That gave it a great starting point for its One Planet journey.
Sited in northern Tanzania next to the Serengeti National Park, it provides accommodation for over 120 guests at any one time, enabling them to encounter the savannah’s magnificent wildlife. The park is renowned for its annual migration of over 1.5 million wildebeest and 250,000 zebra.


Singita Serengeti works closely with the Singita Grumeti Fund, a non-profit ecosystem conservation body, to integrate community, conservation and hospitality. Donations from guests and private philanthropists provide funding to protect 140,000 hectares of land.
The venture also supports the local community. It has more than 800 employees, the great majority from the local area, and some 85,000 people live in 21 villages bordering the protected area.
In 2013 Singita Serengeti’s One Planet Action
plan was endorsed by Bioregional, the UK-based sustainability charity and social enterprise behind the One Planet Living® framework. This framework uses ten easy-to-grasp, interconnected One
Planet Living principles as the basis for planning coordinated actions to improve environmental, social and economic performance, with stretching but achievable targets and regular reviews of progress.
These action plans aim to enable organisations to flourish – and people to live healthy, happy lives
– within the natural resource limits of our shared planet.

Impact and Results

In the five years since 2013, Singita Serengeti and Bioregional have worked in partnership to regularly review progress with Bioregional staff visiting each time. Here we look at that half decade of progress under each of the ten One Planet Principles.
The One Planet Living framework has succeeded in engaging the organisation’s staff with sustainability and made them feel positive about it. Singita has already become a world leader in demonstrating how international tourism can promote sustainable development. Real progress has been made
in challenging circumstances and the journey continues.