RESET™ Air is a sensor based and performance-driven indoor air quality standard and certification programme that aims to make indoor environmental health measurable, deliverable and accessible. RESET™ leverages continuous monitoring of indoor air quality and cloud technology to communicate data to occupants, thus increasing environmental awareness and subsequently encouraging more regenerative solutions to air quality problems. RESET™ is an international organization based out of Shanghai.

Implemented in

  • Asia / Pacific
  • Europe and Central Asia
  • North America
  • China
  • Singapore
  • United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
  • United States of America

Sectors of activity
Environmental Services, Buildings and construction

Type of initiative
Capacity Building & Implementation, Education & Awareness Raising, Research, Analysis, Assessment

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Business Sector


RESET™ Air is a standard for indoor air quality that integrates performance-based data with cloud technology to make real time environmental health data accessible to occupants of indoor spaces. RESET™’s mission is to regenerate global ecological, social and economic environments through improving human health, and to make occupant health a measurable deliverable for all buildings and spaces. We believe that access to environmental health data leads to greater awareness of the problems we face in our built environments, and subsequently higher engagement with finding solutions to modern air quality problems.

Additionally, RESET™’s use of cloud technology allows for access, scale and affordability, as well as facilitates its presence as an international change-maker. We believe that integrating a non-prescriptive methodology, cloud software, and greater access to building data will unify the sustainable building and construction industry to push for more monitoring. Thus, we aim to guide the construction and building planning industry towards regenerative designs that are effective and beneficial to ecology, society, and the economy.

RESET™’s vision is for owners and inhabitants of buildings all over the world to measure every necessary detail of their building’s input and output. This includes but is not limited to, air quality, waste, materials, and energy. For now, the RESET™ Air Standard realizes this vision for air quality, with the following tenets that set it apart from other programs around the world:

• Real Time Data:
RESET™ is the only building standard based on real time data gathered by monitors.

• Human Health:
The RESET™ Standard focuses on human health as the main target. We care about metrics that directly impact human health, such as indoor air quality.

• Long Term Monitoring:
To apply RESET™ Standard, building or spaces need to be monitored over a long term period to make sure environmental quality stays consistently high during the occupancy phase. The RESET™ Certification system is based on an annual recertification process that ensures this long term monitoring process.

• Communication:
RESET™ facilitates real time communication of indoor health data so that it can be accessed by all tenants. Not only can this build air quality awareness and social equity, but it can also lead to economic benefits including greater tenant retention and increased building valuation.


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Impact and Results

The RESET™ Air Certification for CI or C&S has been successfully implemented in projects covering more than 620,000 square meters worldwide, in locations including Shanghai, London, Singapore, Washington DC, and Beijing among others. Past commercial projects include collaborations with:
• Kerry in China
• Mann + Hummel in Singapore
• M Moser Associates properties
• Starbucks Reserve Roastery in Shanghai.

RESET™ has also partnered with DLR Group to deliver a higher quality of indoor air to several of its global locations, and has certified non-commercial locations including the Beijing Schwarzman College and the East Liberty Presbyterian Church in Pittsburgh. RESET™ recently completed its first certified government project with the Canadian embassy in Shanghai. The full list of past projects can be found at:

Although individual certification projects are crucial to ensuring indoor environmental health is made deliverable, RESET™ also strongly believes in the need to increase awareness about indoor air quality, both in and out of the building industry. To achieve this desired impact within the industry, RESET™ has an Accredited Professionals programme, through which industry professionals can undertake a training and testing process and achieve the ability to act as a professional consultant on RESET™ projects looking to receive certification. Furthermore, RESET™ remains committed to championing the need for reliable and standardized IAQ monitoring and reporting through its participation in various workshops and collaborations with other leading sustainable building companies including:
• World Green Building Council
• BEE Incorporation
• China Quality Certification Centre (CQC)

RESET™ is excited to partner with several of these organizations in Earth Challenge 2020, a global citizen science initiative led by the US Department of State, Earth Day Network, and the Wilson Center that aims to improve the quality and quantity of outdoor air quality that is reported worldwide through a standardized sensor planting project. Through this collaboration, RESET™ hopes to expand its mission to increase air quality monitoring and transparency of air quality data on a global level, and is continuing to seek collaborations with other global leaders to accomplish this.

Next steps and how to get involved

1. RESET™ Air Certification
For building owners, the first step to improving indoor air quality in your new or existing projects is to become RESET™ Air Certified; for indoor spaces explore the RESET™ Air Standard for Commercial Interiors, and for entire buildings explore the RESET™ Air Standard for Core & Shell ( A RESET™ Air Certification is an asset to any property; occupant or tenant health can be utilized as a tool to reduce owner liability, improve tenant or occupant satisfaction (thereby ideally retaining leases over longer periods), and attract more potential customers.

For industry professionals looking to get involved, the RESET™ Accredited Professionals (AP) programme is a clear marker of expertise in the field of indoor air quality: upon successful completion of the programme, APs can consult on RESET™ Air Certification programs and be part of the positive change RESET™ is bringing to the building industry. We recommend the AP training programme for: building owners and managers, equipment manufacturers, and professional consultants. RESET™ currently has over 200 Accredited Professionals globally, and we are constantly looking to expand our involved community. Equipment manufacturers are also encouraged to explore the RESET™ Standards for Accredited Monitors and Data Providers to learn how your products can be certified for use in RESET™ projects.

3. Partner with RESET™
In addition to expanding our community with individual APs, companies in similar spaces are also encouraged to reach out to us to partner on delivering the highest degree of environmental health possible. Recently, RESET™ has partnered with the International WELL Building Institute TM to create a crosswalk between the RESET™ Air 2.0 Certification and the WELLTM v2 and make dual certification more achievable, and we are continually open to collaborating with other companies that share RESET™’s drive for sustainable building and transparency in environmental health data.

4. Explore GIGA
GIGA, the parent company for RESET™ Air, also maintains Origin, a global cloud-based hub of data on building materials. Origin integrates existing sources of data on building materials into a system that is easily accessible for both material manufacturers and consumers, and thus allows for a more streamlined process for developing green and healthy buildings. It can be accessed at: