2018 was a highly successful year for our project 'My Green Butler' besides winning the Banksia Foundations Award we were also invited by the City of Sydney to partner with their programme.

Banksia Foundation

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Education, Energy, Tourism

Type of initiative
Capacity Building & Implementation

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Scientific and Technical

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Christopher Warren

Behaviour Change/Director

International Centre for Responsible Tourism - Australia

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We are seeking partnership to share our scientific research and invention 'My Green Butler' to help progress sustainable tourism We have signed a partnership commitment with the City of Sydney and have further partnerships in planning phase.

We enter relevant awards to share our case history and build confidence that conserving resources is a viable and successful strategy to help us achieve our common carbon reduction and SDG goals.

By undertaking partnership and award strategies we are seeking to apply action now in the ;'real world' environment.


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Impact and Results

We have received national recognition in Australia and our project is now regularly featured in the City of Sydney with accommodation providers who account for over half the beds in the city.

Next steps and how to get involved

Contact Christopher Warren via email christopher@icrtoruism.com.au to discuss applying a ' My Green Butler' programme