This project aims at mobilizing music talents across the ten regions of Cameroon to develop creative and educational content in the form of music, with participants competing for the “Cameroon Green Music Award”. The objective here is to eventually influence lifestyles and contribute to environmental sustainability. The winner will be endorsed as a music ambassador for the environment, and will work with implementing partners to promote using music for the environment in Cameroon and beyond.

Njukeng George

Sectors of activity
Education, Forestry, Energy

Type of initiative
Education & Awareness Raising

Type of lead actor
Civil society

177070 US$

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End date


Objectives include:
• To promote behavioural changes and increased awareness on environmental challenges through music in Cameroon
• To enhance local capacity and promote ambassadors for the environment through the use of music
• To engage and strengthen media discussions and collaboration in promoting music as a tool for education, awareness and policy lobbying on sustainable lifestyles towards the environment in Cameroon and beyond.

To increase public awareness and build local capacity that will promote behavioural change to local environmental challenges and promote the responsible use and consumption of natural resources.


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Impact and Results

Firstly, there have been a strong positive response of the public in welcoming the concept of music for the environment. Through public awareness campaigns and media talks, most followers of the Camer Green project have attested that this is a unique approach to raise awareness on the growing environmental challenges and they are convinced that up scaling the project will make a greater impact in promoting sustainable lifestyles initiatives.
Secondly, the evaluation results with contestants revealed that more meaning have been added to their career as musicians by their engagement in singing to promote a better feature. All 50 the contestants who made it to the first public audition attested that it was a learning process for them. They attested that they feel more connected to nature after the exercise of composing their music.
Thirdly the ten finalists who made it to the boot camp attested that, when the competition was launched, they were motivated to enroll because of the cash value of the award. However, the capacity building process of the competition changed their notion completely and they now see it as an obligation to promote sustainable lifestyle in their daily activities. Many participants of the boot camp also found career opportunity through the interactive learning process/environment of the boot camp.
They project also witnessed a strong engagement of the media toward the end of the competition. At the beginning of the competition, the media was very reluctant to engage in the promotion of the concept as it was relatively new compared to the popular music brands. Notwithstanding, through the testimonies of the contestants and the few media that were fully engaged during the start of the project, more than 20 other media stations joined in to add their voices to the concept.
In addition, the project has created a brand of music that has come to stay in Cameroon. Increasing, many media houses are requesting copy right to use the music of the ten finalist in their media house for entertainment. Many environmental media program are also requesting for the participation of the award winner in their programs

Next steps and how to get involved

Although the first phase of this project has successfully ended, they has been many lesson learn and it has created opportunities for better engagement of the general public and the media. The project also has presented a high potential of replication and up scaling.

We are currently, welcoming stakeholders that are willing to add their voice to this initiative and make "green music" the most powerful brand of music in this generation.