The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of the Republic of Korea, jointly with UNEP and the One Planet Sustainable Tourism Programme organized the One Planet STP regional meeting in Asia and the Pacific on the topic of “Innovative solutions and partnerships to tackle pollution in the tourism sector” that took place on 11-13 of November 2019 in Yeusu, Korea.

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Capacity Building & Implementation, Education & Awareness Raising, Policy Frameworks & Tools

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During the first day of the event, tourism and sustainability experts and decision makers from Korea, Thailand, Bhutan, Philippines, Australia, Sri Lanka and Fiji among other countries, exchanged on innovative solutions to tackle plastics and air pollution. On the second day, the high level Symposium offered an opportunity to participants to discuss innovative and circular technologies to improve resource efficiency of tourism operations, big data and digital solutions for better management of destinations so as ways to lever consumer information to foster sustainability of tourism operations.


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Outreach and communication for SCP

  • One Planet Sustainable Tourism Meeting in Asia and the Pacific held in Korea on 11th-13th of November 2019

Impact and Results

This meeting was an opportunity for policy makers and sustainable tourism experts from Asia and the Pacific (and beyond) exchange on best practices, share experiences (challenges and success stories) in terms of concrete implementation of solutions to tackle pollution and improve resource efficiency of tourism operations. In addition, the meeting offered the room for the participating tourism sector stakeholders to discuss regional needs and priorities for the implementation of the Global Tourism Plastics Initiative.