Ecological Union and The Vitality Leaf ecolabel have published articles on the occasion of World Ecolabel Day in one of the most popular online magazines about our planet - National Geographic Russia. The project was created in partnership with companies for which care for the environment has become one of the main priorities in their work - Leroy Merlin, Splat, Geranium & Partners.

Implemented in

  • Europe and Central Asia
  • Russian Federation

Sectors of activity
Environmental Services, Consumer Goods, Education

Type of initiative
Education & Awareness Raising

5500 US$

Start date


Articles, infographics and a quiz will help people understand the variety of ecolabels and how they help the planet. These publications explain why the UN considers lifecycle ecolabels to be an effective tool for promoting sustainable consumption and production. And they tell which brands are responsible for nature, rather than shifting it onto us.

Articles: “How to bring the world closer to sustainable development without leaving the store. Part 1. Ecolabels, self-declarations and greenwashing ”and Part 2. Ecolabels by life cycle”. Quiz: "How not to get hooked on greenwashing"


As collected through the One Planet Reporting

Output level

Outreach and communication for SCP

  • National Geographic Russia: a series of articles for the World Ecolabel Day

Impact and Results

50,000 National Geographic Russia readers have carefully studied the materials on eco-products and ecolabels. Their number will grow.

Next steps and how to get involved

Interested stakeholders can get involved in the distribution of articles, including translating them into English.