National Cleaner Production Centre (NCPC) conducted an annual Cleaner Production awards program since 2007- 2013 to recognize and appreciate progressive enterprises that have voluntarily accepted cleaner production as a tool to increase their resource efficiency and at the same time contribute towards a cleaner environment.

Implemented in

  • Asia / Pacific
  • Sri Lanka

Sectors of activity
Consumer Goods, Industrial Sector

Type of initiative

Type of lead actor
Government / public sector

Shared by

Upendra Weerathunga

RECP Expert

National Cleaner Production Centre,Sri Lanka

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• To recognize and appreciate businesses that have performed well in resources conservation and carried out operations in environmentally friendly manner.
• To make enterprises environmentally compliant using profitable and voluntary approaches
• To encourage the habit of measurement and monitoring of important consumption parameters in the production process
• To educate businesses on techniques and models of cleaner production that are suitable for their needs
• To create a critical mass of business leaders that will help promote the application of cleaner production.
• To direct public attention towards the importance of cleaner production as a tool for increased productivity and competitiveness
• To provide a comparative marketing advantage for firms that win the awards


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Impact and Results

This will encourage the industries for practice resource efficiency Cleaner Production.
The objective of this event is to recognize and appreciate enterprises that have contributed to conserve resources and minimise waste generation in their business operations. Unlike in other environmental award programs, number of applicants for this event increased annually. Industrial enterprises and service organisations who has taken steps to improve their production efficiency while at the same time contributing to the protection of the environment by eliminating or minimising their wastes and emissions at operational stage by voluntarily adopting cleaner production approach were rewarded by these awards

Next steps and how to get involved

When the NCPC announces about the awarding ceremony, suitable industries under the given scope can apply for the awards.