Wide ranging consumer facing campaign designed to help consumers waste less food. LFHW provides targeted tips, advice and guidance direct to consumers as well as via partners including local government and retailers.


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Consumer Goods, Education, Food & Beverage

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Education & Awareness Raising

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Civil society

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Claire Kneller

Head of Food- WRAP Global


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This year, WRAP has relaunched its ground breaking consumer focused food waste reduction campaign. After delivering significant reductions in household food waste in the first phase (8 million tonnes or 12%), the next challenge is to deliver continuing reductions after a recent plateauing. The new phase will focus on catalysing change through multiple partner action and bringing a more targeted approach to food waste prevention. We’ll be creating a national network of like-minded people and organisations to start a big conversation about food waste and to deliver targeted action to reduce food waste in people’s homes.

Initial focus will be on the most wasted foods (bread, milk, potatoes and chicken) and two common behaviours in the home that can spark food waste: buying the right amount of food, and storing food to make it last longer. We will first engage with the 18-34 age group for whom life changes such as moving away from the family home, taking their first job, becoming responsible for their own upkeep and starting families can be triggers for food waste. We found that this age group wastes more food than others, largely due to busy lifestyles with ever changing arrangements – issues closely related to food waste.

The consumer campaign is closely linked to, and supported by, our work with retailers on in-store activity to help shoppers waste less. We’re working with businesses on technical changes on product labelling and design, and will publish new industry guidance for food labelling later in the year - in partnership with the Food Standards Agency, and Defra. This is part of the work we’re doing with Courtauld 2025, designed to cut the food and drink footprint of the UK by 20%.


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Output level

Outreach and communication for SCP

  • LFHW Global Network
  • Make Toast Not Waste campaign
  • 'Chill the Fridge Out' campaign
  • 'Give a Cluck' poultry campaign
  • 'Compleating' Campaign
  • Spoiled Rotten Campaign Wave One- 'Buy what need'
  • Spoiled Rotten Campaign Wave Two- 'Store food properly'

Impact and Results

To date, LFHW has delivered a 12% or 8 million tonnes reduction in household food waste in the UK .

It now seeks to deliver a 20% reduction by 2025.

Next steps and how to get involved

WRAP licences the LFHW campaign to other countries and organisations. If you're interested in delivering a campaign, please get in touch.