LONGTIME®, the first European-wide, independent label for products designed to last. It clearly informs consumers about the longevity and repairability of products and rewards manufacturers who focus their industrial effort on durability.
It is applicable to all manufactured goods thanks to an innovative process, allowing identification of product specificities, 41 criteria focusing on an end-to-end approach of durability and granted after an audit conducted by third-party certification bodies.


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  • Europe and Central Asia

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Environmental Services, Consumer Goods

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Education & Awareness Raising

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Elsa Lomont

CEO | Cofounder

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Nowadays, manufacturers start to understand the importance of offering consumers sustainably designed products but they don't know how to do it and need guidelines in this process. They want to stand out as they focus their efforts on sustainable design. Consumers choose replacement over repair as it is mostly cheaper. There is a lack of information concerning repair and spare parts availability. Consumers increasingly ask for "designed to last".

LONGTIME® addresses both of these issues.

LONGTIME® help industries that lack the benchmarks to turn to more virtuous practices and help them change their industry model toward a more qualitative production. It helps manufacturers to comply with regulations and achieve sustainability goals.
Secondly, LONGTIME® clearly displays the durability of a product : a LONGTIME® product has a longer than average lifespan and is also more repairable.
It provides consumers for the first time with verified information and raises awareness of responsible consumption. As an incentive for the use of sustainable products, the label contributes to reduce the market share of short lifespan products thus contributes to reduce premature waste and greenhouse gases. While you are still using your LONGTIME® product, another ordinary product breaks down and needs to be replaced.
Finally, LONGTIME® provides information on product repairability and lift barriers going against repair. By encouraging repair, LONGTIME® brings up-to-date this practice and participates in the revival of the repair sector.

Tomorrow, with LONGTIME® solution, manufacturers committed to sustainable design will be able to differentiate and add value to their products so that they can be easily identified by consumers. Consumers will be able to identify and choose products designed to last and to be repaired.


As collected through the One Planet Reporting

Outcome level

SCP changes in practice

  • Consumer information brochure delivered with LONGTIME® certified products on the longevity benefits of the product

Impact and Results

Currently, the LONGTIME® methodology has led to the labelling of 7 products (on 7 different product-families). It also means that we have helped 5 manufacturers to evaluate and improve, if necessary, their production process. These guidelines could be re-used for their next product launches.

Concerning the expected impacts, they can be classified into 4 categories : industry, social, environmental and economic.
1. LONGTIME® has strong potential to be a driving force for change and to produce leverage effect on industries. It would progressively become the standard in Europe and beyond.

2. LONGTIME® encourages the creation of qualified jobs in the repair sector and would decrease the unemployment rate. It participates in the revival of the repair sector.
The modest households finally have the possibility to identify products designed to last. This limits their financial burden of early renewal and provides them with access to quality second hand products at affordable prices.

3. LONGTIME® fosters a circular economy. As an incentive for the use of sustainable products, the label contributes to reduce the market share of short lifespan products. Extending the lifespan of products is an excellent way to optimize resources and reduce environmental impacts.

4. We can rightly state that a consumer will choose to repair its LONGTIME®-labeled product instead of replacing it. Supported by the rise of 3D production, Europe would be more independent towards its imports (for products and spare parts).

Next steps and how to get involved

Now that the labelling methodology is well implemented, we want to expand globally and considerably increase the number of labelled products. Therefore, LONGTIME® need to build strong and reliable partnerships to ensure its acceptance, marketing, dissemination and hence the success of the project.

The partnership objectives are manifold: collaboration on data collection and research, identification of technical issues, communication and dissemination, sensibilisation of customers.

We must continue to expand our network to:
- Develop and improve our evaluation system
- Gain visibility in several networks and support in communication efforts
- Have access to data on repairability and durability data
- Have access to information on policy developments
- Obtain market opportunities
- Assure pertinence of our approach and learn from best practices
- Anticipate needs of the market and legislation