OCU, the Spanish consumer organization, publishes a list of over 400 sharing platforms to provide information to consumers about collaborative platforms, access economy and on-demand platforms. With this tool, OCU wants to provide information to consumers to identify useful digital platforms for their daily lives in six different sectors: hobbies, accommodation, crowdfunding, home, mobility and second hand.


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Consumer Goods, Education, Tourism, Transport

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Education & Awareness Raising

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Amaya Apesteguia

Expert in ethical consumption

OrganizaciĆ³n de Consumidores y Usuarios (OCU)

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This is an education tool which main objective is to help consumers made a more sustainable and collaborative consumption.
Platform consumption is booming. Under the generic name of "collaborative economy" multiple platforms are emerging that often have nothing to do with collaboration, but refer to rental or contracting through platforms. This directory seeks to educate consumers to help them distinguish differences in consumer relations from the platform economy:
- Collaborative platforms between individuals, which allow relations of production, consumption, learning or financing between individuals
- Mixed collaborative platforms, which allow these relationships both between individuals and individuals with professionals (companies, universities, freelancers ...)
- Business-consumer platforms, in which suppliers are always professionals.
- Sharing access in which companies offer products for temporary use on an access basis instead of on property (eg bike sharing, carsharing, ...)
- On demand, which facilitate the provision of services provided by professionals or amateurs, based on sporadic work through a digital platform (eg Uber, Deliveroo ...).


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