The Uganda LCA Network was launched in April 2018 as a leading network of professionals of international repute in conducting Life Cycle Assessment studies.

Implemented in

  • Africa
  • Uganda

Sectors of activity
Consumer Goods, Education, Food & Beverage

Type of initiative
Capacity Building & Implementation, Education & Awareness Raising

Type of lead actor
Scientific and Technical

Start date

Shared by

Naomi Scott-Mearns

Sustainable Consumption Manager


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The Life Cycle Assessment Network Uganda (LCA Network Uganda)’s goal is to promote life cycle thinking in Uganda in support of sustainable development. Its key objectives include:
- providing a forum for LCA issues in Uganda to act collectively on matters concerning LCA
- popularizing LCA in academic institutions for inclusion in the curricula
- establishing and maintaining a database of LCA experts and research work to promote better information exchange among members and other interested parties.


As collected through the One Planet Reporting

Output level

Outreach and communication for SCP

  • Development of National LCA Database Roadmap

Impact and Results

The network plans to build a pool of trainers at the national level through training of LCA trainers, establish exchanges with other similar networks and take up training in product category rules (PCR) development particularly for agricultural produce.

Next steps and how to get involved

Get in touch with Paul Walakira via the One Planet network website for more information.