At Järvavecka, a political event in Stockholm, Sweden, held yearly in June, we launched the Swedish language Good Life Goals. We promoted them by talking to individuals visiting this event as well as companies and organisations. Good Life Goals cards were distributed.

Implemented in

  • Europe and Central Asia

Sectors of activity
Consumer Goods, Education, Food & Beverage

Type of initiative
Education & Awareness Raising

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The Goals are primarily designed to be used by policy-makers, business, civil society, creatives and educators who want to communicate about the SDGs. Specifically, the Good Life Goals aim to:
- Increase recognition by decision-makers about how vital individual action can be in reaching the SDGs
- Provide a clear link between the SDGs and sustainable lifestyles
- Offer an inspiring tool for those seeking to engage the general public in making tomorrow better than today.


The Good Life Goals suggest actions that individuals can take to support each of the 17 SDGs, goal by goal. The actions carefully aligned with the targets and indicators for the corresponding SDG.

Each Good Life Goal follows a similar structure: a simple headline goal (and an associated emoji), followed by five actions. The first action is always a “learning ask”, suggesting individuals find out more about a specific topic related to the goal. For example, “Learn the causes of poverty at home and abroad” for Goal 1 (“Help end poverty”). This is relevant even for children or those with limited control over their own lifestyles.

The next three actions relate to habits and behaviours – for example, “Waste less food and use leftovers” for Goal 12 (“Live better”). The final action is always about advocacy, about demanding change from political, business and community leaders.

The Good Life Goals are an invitation for each of us to take part, backed up by clear and concise actions relevant to lifestyles worldwide and in different cultural contexts.

Impact and Results

A set of tools has been developed to help users communicate and act on the Good Life Goals. This includes:
- The Good Life Goals Manual, containing an overview of the work, all 17 Good Life Goals and actions, and key points for selecting stakeholder groups.
- A short video featuring individuals taking Good Life Goal actions
- An animation showcasing the 17 Good Life Goals
- A media toolkit, including social media assets
- A postcard
- A set of Good Life Goals “flash cards”
- A press release.
All of these tools can be accessed at the Good Life Goals Hub (