The National Quality Award, established in 1999, is a very important tool to encourage Cuban business sector to get involved in the fulfillment of the Sustainable Development Goal 12 and the objective no. 5 of the National Plan for the Economic and Social Development, both oriented to the promotion of Sustainable Consumption and Production. The Award is conferred every year on updated bases and a rigorous evidence-based process.

National Standardization Office

Implemented in

  • Latin America / Caribbean
  • Cuba

Sectors of activity
Buildings and construction, Industrial Sector, Tourism

Type of initiative
Policy Frameworks & Tools

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Carmen Terry Berro

Senior Specialist in Science, Technology and Environment

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Use the Award criteria as a tool and opportunity to move Cuban productive and service organizations towards a good quality management and excellence; the development of a corporative culture of alignment with the Sustainable Development Goals, particularly, with the one related to Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP), and increase the involvement and contribution of the business sector to advance in the fulfillment of the objectives of inclusiveness and sustainability addressed in the 2030 Agenda.


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Impact and Results

• Most of the organizations aiming at winning the Award first certified their environmental management system as part of an integrated management system, with clearly defined performance indicators.
• The interest of the candidates in winning and revalidating the Award, encourages them to continuously improve their performance in terms of environmental management and sustainability practices.
• As an Award contribution to non-awarded organizations that participated in the evaluation process, they receive a summary of the opportunities for improvement their present and future work, including those related to the implementation of SCP.
• Based on the preparation and the work carried out to qualify for the National Quality Award, the organizations involved in the evaluation process significantly increase their knowledge on the issues related to sustainable development and the Agenda 2030.

Next steps and how to get involved

1- Update of the Award bases for next process in 2020.
2- Launching and dissemination of the nomination call.
3- Development of the 2019 National Quality Award process.

All productive and services organizations can opt for the Award.