The project aims to foster the development of innovation, environment, information and communication, healthy lifestyle.
It involves the use of informational materials with practical tasks, fairy tales, games with the use of modern design, author's drawings, infographics, photos and other illustrative material.
Methodological materials for teachers and educators contain recommendations, lesson plans, tests, videos and other materials to be used in the educational process.

Sector of activity

Type of initiative
Education & Awareness Raising

Type of lead actor
Civil society

50000 US$

Start date

End date

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Halyna Buzan

project manager

All-Ukraine NGO Ā«Living PlanetĀ»

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The implementation of this project aims to promote a culture of consumption oriented towards a healthy lifestyle, rational use of resources and a careful attitude to the environment. The support of this project is an investment in a sustainable future.
We strive to form students
- value attitude towards health and the environment;
- Motivation and skills of choosing goods and services taking into account their impact on the state of the environment and human health during the life cycle;
- ability to regulate their own and family needs for consumption and save resources in different economic situations.
It is planned to disseminate informational materials in schools of Ukraine for use in the educational process, published online on the website of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.


As collected through the One Planet Reporting

Outcome level

Education on SCP

  • The project idea was selected for upgrade to the EU Association Lab incubator

Impact and Results

Thanks to the project implementation, the results will be obtained:
- A free information package for schoolchildren is developed and available for familiarization with the principles of sustainable consumption;
- A developed and accessible free tool for teachers of schools with methodological recommendations for reporting information on sustainable consumption to students;
- Involvement of implementation of the information package "Lessons on Sustainable Consumption" of educational institutions from all regions of Ukraine;
- receiving feedback from students participating in the project through a competition.
Implementing the project in the long run will allow students to change the behavior of consumers and contribute to the transition to a sustainable consumption model in Ukraine.

Next steps and how to get involved

We are looking for interested organizations for possible portnership.
The project needs partnership support to popularize its use among educational institutions in the regions of Ukraine. Experts from the team of developers are ready to organize and conduct training for teachers and methodologists to promote sustainable consumption.
Also, the project can be adapted and distributed to other countries.