Impactwala presents impact information to consumers in the form of a simple rating which can be further customised based on the user preferences. This information is made available at the point of sale on Impactwala’s e-commerce portal, and over time on other retailer websites so that consumers are able to take the impact data into consideration while purchasing online.

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  • Asia / Pacific

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Consumer Goods, Food & Beverage

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Education & Awareness Raising

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Civil society

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Minhaj Ameen


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Impactwala shall provide consumers with information on the environmental, health, social and economic impacts of products and services, right at the point of purchase. The initiative envisages that Impactwala will lead the world towards sustainable and ethical consumption by providing individuals with impact information; that will be generated from a wide array of sources and compiled with the help of latest information technology. The intention is to enable businesses in producing sustainably, and ethically, by creating demand through informed consumers.


Impactwala is a global platform that helps achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 12 for responsible sustainable consumption, production, use, and disposal of goods and services.
The first market is India where it builds upon the existing policy and legislative framework of Government of India under the National Environmental Policy, 2006. The policy mandates the formation of an information platform for real time data on sustainability for consumer goods, and ecolabeling; which is our core business.

Impact and Results

Developed a rating methodology
Conducted market research on user perception and information needs
Developed a prototype

Next steps and how to get involved

Looking for institutional partners and resources to scale this not-for-profit initiative